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Kalsofte ERP for spinning (KALSPIN™) is a powerful business solution and effective software tool that helps managing the mill’s overall operations easily. It has been designed to seamlessly integrate all the departments in spinning mills.

Kalsofte Spinning pro-actively monitors each and every individual functional area of mill’s operations those are critical for profitable mill performance. Kalsofte Spinning ERP consists of the following well defined and seamlessly integrated modules, which covers all the best practices of a Spinning Mill

Modules of KALSPIN™

  • Inventory Management System (IMS)
    * Purchase Order
    * Stores Inventory Control
    * Raw Material Inventory -   Fibre / Yarn / Cloth
    * Import System
  • Production Management System (PMS)
    * Production Planning & Control
    * Preparatory - Blowroom - Simplex/Warping/Sizing
    * Production - Spinning/Weaving/Processing
    * Post Production -Winding/Inspection/Packaging
    * Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance Management System (MMS)
    * Machinery Maintenance
    * Electrical Maintenance
    * Power Accounting
    * Vehicle Maintenance
  • Sales Management System (SMS)
    * Sales Management
    * Marketing Management
    * Domestic & Export Yarn Sales
    * Waste Sales
    * Scrap Sales
  • Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
    * Human Resource
    * Payroll
    * Gate Movement
    * Hostel
    * Canteen
  • Financial Management System (FMS)
    * General Ledger
    * Accounts Recievable & Payable
    * Fixed Assets Management
    * Costing
  • Management Information System (MIS)
    MIS module provides a full spectrum of critical and vital information reporting, that includes analysis, trend reports and departments-wise dashboards.

    KALSPIN™ MIS provides module-wise Dashboards that give a snap-shot of vital (both realtime and projected) operational information, enabling quick decision making.

KALSPIN™ deployment in spinning mills results in Productivity Improvement , Inventory Stock and Cost Reduction , Energy Conservation , Better Raw Material Realisation , Consistent Product Quality , Timely Delivery , Customer Satisfaction and Fiscal Efficiency .

On-line postings of transactions ensures the information from the system is up-to-date always. It has Exhaustive Built-in Data on Processes, to reduce the implementation time. It has Pro-active approach in gathering data and displaying alert information and Flexible to import and export data. Feel free to contact us for a demo to take a deeper look on our software's versatility and efficiency

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